Technical Tips

Tips for Manufacturers

For the correct and quality construction of frames, emphasis should be given to:

In the control of the profiles during the receipt of the order and in their storage in a protected area and in special shelves to avoid bumps and abrasions.

In the selection of suitable profiles for construction.

In the selection of components according to the specifications of the Systems Manuals produced by the Group.

In the strict observance of cutting measures as mentioned in the Technical Manuals.

In the use of the right lubricants and cutting fluids.

According to the instructions of the General Technical Manual of ALOUSYSTEM HELLAS SA, special attention should be paid to:

In the opening of suitable holes in leaves and frames for water drainage.

The use of appropriate special adhesives (eg adhesives, rubber adhesives) for sealing the frames and the proper drainage of water.

In the correct glazing on the panes, diagonally, to avoid deformation of frames (hanging). In double sealing and placement of silicates on the glass.

In the careful measurement of masonry openings, with the necessary additional space (air), for the correct placement of the frames.

In the use of the right sealants during installation. In the protection of joints with adhesives to avoid thread corrosion.

In the frequent maintenance of the mechanical equipment of the construction.

Consumer Tips

Cleaning Frames

It is necessary to clean the surfaces of the frames.

By following the simple maintenance procedures below, the retention of the finish is extended and the resistance against corrosion is enhanced.

We recommend: Cleaning should be done with drinking water.

In any case, the use of chemicals (eg detergents or other more active substances) should be avoided, because they are able to damage the surfaces of the window and cause corrosion.

Clean soft sponges or cloths should bring the water in contact with the profiles, so that the surface of the frame is not scratched by rubbing.

The ALOUSYSTEM Group has special cleaning products for aluminum profiles, which are available through its commercial network.

These cleaners are especially useful for:

Removal of all acidic and alkaline materials (cement, putty, plaster, etc.), which have settled on the surfaces of the window,

Removal of salts in areas that are particularly polluted, such as Coastal and Removal of aggravating chemical pollutants, in areas with heavy air pollution.

In the latter two cases, the windows should be cleaned more frequently and diligently.

Protection film

In the last stages of production of profiles, special films are placed on their surface. These films protect the paint from abrasions that can be caused:

On the shelves where they are stored,
Due to their transport,
During the placement phase in their final position

The protective films should be removed in any case immediately after the installation of the frame. If the films are not removed for any reason, there is a serious risk that unsightly stains (prints) will remain, especially visible in the paint.

Unfortunately in most cases * this imprint on the paint will not be removable and will remain indelible.

(* Long residence time, window exposed to sunlight).