Social responsibility & environment

Environmental Management Systems

ALOUSYSTEM, participating in the international practice for the protection of the environment, implements effective environmental management systems that aim at:

The rational use of energy resources (by increasing the efficiency of equipment and media in terms of energy consumption) and the design of renewable energy sources for future use.

To control the noise generated in the production units.

Using environmentally friendly equipment and technology.

In addition, ALOUSYSTEM educates, trains and motivates its staff to acquire environmental awareness not only in terms of its operation in accordance with the legal rules, but also on a personal / individual level.

ALOUSYSTEM aims to continuously improve its environmental performance. This is achieved on the one hand by ensuring mutual cooperation relations with the competent social actors and on the other hand by the continuous inspection of the practices followed by ALOUSYSTEM and which ensure the protection of the environment.


ALOUSYSTEM has innovative aluminum systems of high standards, excellent quality and aesthetics covering the entire range of construction applications

Its structure includes large industries for the production of aluminum profiles and commercial companies both in Greece and abroad.